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Sourcing a Pet Dog: Why you Should Visit a Dog Rescue Facility

It is a sad fact that around 1,000 dogs are abandoned in Australia every year, mainly because their owners had not fully understood what dog ownership entails, and the many dog rescue organisations around the country are the last hope for such dogs. It makes perfect sense for those who are looking to introduce a four-legged friend into the family to search the dog rescue venues rather than going to a dog breeder, and give an unfortunate dog a second chance at a happy life.

All Breeds and All Ages

Dog rescue facilities do not discriminate; if there is a dog who is homeless, they are prepared to give them temporary shelter, and hopefully, someone will visit one day and decide that one of these unlucky dogs is right for them. They have puppies, and dogs at all stages of life, and just because a dog has been abandoned, that doesn’t mean he has done anything wrong, in the majority of cases, the owner was not prepared to make the sacrifices that go with dog ownership.

Vaccinated and Well Cared For

Abandoned dogs are very well looked after when they arrive at a dog rescue centre. They are given a bath, de-liced and any medical issues are dealt with, and they are made as comfortable as they can be under the circumstances, while they wait for a new owner. Of course, some dogs are placed easier than others, but generally, a dog will not have to wait more than a couple of months to find a new home.

Return Policy

A dog rescue organisation is set up primarily to care for the dogs, and should you adopt one of their animals, they would ask you to agree that in the event you cannot keep the dog, you would return it to the dog rescue facility. So many Australian families have found the perfect pet at a dog rescue facility, and there are many across the country, and once you have made your decision, there are online providers of top pet insurance in Australia, which will cover your new pet in the event they require medical attention.

Full Support

The people that work at the dog rescue centre will do their best to help you, with advice about training, diet and every aspect of dog ownership. From their perspective, it is important that you fully understand the level of commitment that comes with dog ownership, and they are more than willing to guide you with any aspect of owning a dog.

Behavioural Issues

There are some dogs that have behavioural issues, yet more often than not, it is the result of little or no training. Lack of exercise is another major cause of bad behaviour in dogs, and once corrected, the problem usually disappears.

If you are seriously thinking about getting a dog, please visit one of the many dog rescue facilities and give a dog a second chance for a happy life.

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